“SpectroDuo” Call for Scores

“SpectroDuo” Call for Scores

SpectroDuo is a new contemporary music ensemble, specializing in the performance of music with electroacoustic media.
Founded in 2013 by Martyna Kosecka (Poland) and Idin Samimi Mofakham (Iran), SpectroDuo focuses on electronic and electroacoustic experimental live shows, which are at times structured in complex forms, and are at other times based on free improvisation. SpectroDuo is also dedicated to perform newest contemporary music for saxophone, piano and electroacoustic media.
SpectroDuo performed at various experimental music & media festivals in Poland, Czech, Spain, China, Sweden, Austria, Armenia and Iran.
Check our recent activities at: https://www.facebook.com/SpectroDuo

SpectroDuo, for the very first time in the history of a group, calls all composers without any age or nationality limit, to apply with scores for consideration to perform at our 2019-2020 concert season.
We are calling for the scores for:

alto saxophone and piano with obligatory electronics

The scores for alto saxophone with electronics and piano with electronics are also accepted, but the choice preference goes towards duo compositions with electroacoustic media.

Any type of electronics accompanying the instruments is accepted – tape/live electronics/small electronic devices. Preferred speaker arrangement – up to four channel system.
We welcome works with video as well.
Please keep in mind that very complicated setups in terms of electronic equipment might cause additional problems in programming your work in some venues.


Only one score submission per composer is accepted.
Scores should be submitted electronically to office@spectrocentre.com with the subject heading, “SpectroDuo Call for Scores 2019/2020”

Please attach listed documents:

  1. PDF with contact information and short biography (up to 500 words)
  2. PDF of the score with full information on name of the piece, instrumentation, duration and technical requirements
  3. Download link to the electronic material (tape file) or other means of electronic projection of sound (MaxMSP patches, PureData Patches, Reaper sessions etc.)
  4. Link to the video material (if composition includes video material)
  5. Link to the full performance recording (if available – video or audio files accepted).

Deadline: June 30 2019


All selected composers will get notified about their work being chosen till the end of August 2019.
Selected scores may be programmed multiple times at any point during the season.
SpectroDuo is not able to provide any honorarium for the performance of chosen composer’s work.
SpectroDuo is going to provide a high quality video and audio recording of work.

In case of any additional questions please contact us through: office@spectrocentre.com
Looking forward to get your music!