SpectroDuo started to work in 2013 in a field of electroacoustic experimental art. Ensemble consists of two composer-improvisers, Martyna Kosecka & Idin Samimi Mofakham, who use their classical musical training in working on avant garde and experimental sound projects, combining the experience in sound coming from Orient and Occident. Their music focus lies in drone, noise, beating phenomena, glitch, field recording transformation, microtonality and oriental modalities in particular. Except electronics, they use piano, saxophone as well as Iranian and Polish traditional instruments. Self-made visuals, some of them controlled live, have base in glitch art, distortion and binary operations.
SpectroDuo performed at various experimental music & media festivals, like Extreme Chill Festival Reykjavik (Iceland), Ars Electronica Linz (Austria), AudioArt Festival Kraków (Poland), Musicacoustica Beijing (China), Tehran Contemporary Music Festival & TADAEX (Iran), and Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, Armenia and many others.
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SpectroDuo programs:
Noizy Night Electroacoustic (2014) – improvisation program 40′
Noize Etudes (2015) – for two laptops and live projection 15′-25′
Soundwalk (2016) – for instruments, laptops and projection 30′-60′
I.M.Free (2017) – for saxophone, piano and audio-visual material 20′
– Seven Meditations (2018) – for saxophone, piano and tape 50′
Zij (2018) – for saxophone, do-zalle, piano, Iranian harps and audio-visual material 65′


SpectroDuo at Audio Art Festival,Kraków, Poland
SpectroDuo Performing “Soundwalk” at Audio Art Festival,Kraków, Poland – 2018 – ©Mikołaj Zając