SpectroDuo is a contemporary music ensemble, specializing in the performance of music with electroacoustic media.
Founded in 2013 by Martyna Kosecka (Poland) and Idin Samimi Mofakham (Iran), SpectroDuo focuses on electronic and electroacoustic experimental live shows, which are at times structured in complex forms, and are at other times based on free improvisation.
SpectroDuo is also dedicated to perform newest contemporary music for saxophone, piano and electroacoustic media and constantly expands their repertoire through calls for scores and commissioning projects.
SpectroDuo performed at various experimental music & media festivals in Poland, Czech, Spain, China, Sweden, Austria, Armenia and Iran.
For latest news please check: https://www.facebook.com/SpectroDuo


SpectroDuo programs:
Noizy Night Electroacoustic (2014) – improvisation program up to 45′
Noizy Good Morning (2015) – improvisation program up to 45′
Noize Etudes (2015) – for two laptops and live projection 15′-25′
Soundwalk (2016) – for instruments, laptops and projection 30′-60′
I.M.Free (2017) – for saxophone, piano and audio-visual material 20′
– Seven Meditations (2018) – for saxophone, piano and tape 50′
Zij (2018) – for saxophone, do-zalle, piano, Iranian harps and audio-visual material 65′


SpectroDuo at Audio Art Festival,Kraków, Poland
SpectroDuo Performing “Soundwalk” at Audio Art Festival,Kraków, Poland – 2018 – ©Mikołaj Zając