Spectro Duo

SpectroDuo is founded by Martyna Kosecka (Polish composer, conductor, and performer) along with Idin Samimi Mofakham, (composer and performer from Iran).

Since 2013 they are focused on electronic and electro-acoustic experimental live shows, which are at times structured in complex forms, and are at other times based on free improvisation. SpectroDuo’s music is always centered around psycho acoustic phenomenons and the aural perception experience.

SpectroDuo performed at various experimental music & media festivals in Poland, Czech, Spain, China, Sweden, Austria, Armenia and Iran.

They always invite the audience into the unknown world of sounds they create for each project.

Spectro Duo - Live at Tehran Contemporary Art Museum,2016.
Spectro Duo – Live at Tehran Contemporary Art Museum,2016 – Limited Access Festival 6. ©Nazanin Aharipour