SPECTRO DUO & Arin Melikian – NOISY nightELECTROACOUSTIC 2014 (excerpt)

You can watch an excerpt of the first SPECTRO DUO concert in Iran. A little bit of history to make you familiar with our work:

NOISYnightELECTROACOUSTIC CD is the first official recording of Spectro Duo, an international project started by Martyna Kosecka and Idin Samimi Mofakham, focused on electronic experiments based on usage of different patches (MaxMSP and PureData) connected to such instruments as pianos, electronic toys for children, followed by preparation experiments to any sound-source or even a usage of human voice.
First attempts to the project started during experimental nights in Armenia, but the first official event took place in February 2014 in Tehran, Iran.
NOISYnightELECTROACOUSTIC Sets I & II are a live recording of the first official Spectro Duo concert held in Iran. This time, with accompany of jazz pianist Arin Melikian, it is a specific crossover of jazz based musical thinking with modern quasi avant-guarde experiments of those strictly contemporary music composers.